The Fall 5: Essential Things to Get Your Home and Yard Ready for Winter

When it comes to home maintenance there are few times where getting stuff done around the house is more important than the fall.  Winter preparations make your holiday season easier and more comfortable for everyone. So make plans, and get ready to have all those warm cocoas by the fire!

Number One: Interior Touch Ups

Fall might be the best time to paint and clean your house as a whole. Everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is the new in-thing to do!  Painting any rooms that need to be touched up is perfect in the fall, because you can keep the windows open to ventilate any fumes, and not freeze yourself to death.  This is also the perfect time to dust high areas, like fans or on the tops of entertainment centers and cabinets. Cleaning your windows is also a great idea, and allows you to maximize the amount of exterior light you can get into your house during the shorter days of winter.  Use a moistened microfiber cloth indoors, and a vinegar and water solution on the exteriors. You will also want to make sure your screens are in good condition, and replace them if need be. There are also cheap plastic screens you can get to make sure there are no drafts, and keep your home as cozy as possible!

Number Two:  Heating Things Up

When it comes to winter, there is nothing worse than coming inside from the freezing cold to an equally freezing cold house. Save yourself the hassle and call your HVAC service providers to set up an appointment now.  It is easy to forget about something so integral to your home, but when you only run the heating element a few months out of the year, it can be more important than ever to make sure that it runs correctly.  There are tax credits if you need a new unit, but if you just replace a few parts on a older machine, you can save yourself time and money throughout the year.

Number Three: Outdoor Quick Fixes

Checking your home’s exterior for any issues with your roof, drains, and gutters can save you a whole lot of time when it comes to winter.  Ice dams can be a real problem in clogged gutters, causing a buildup of ice that can seep into your roof and ruin your home.  Clean out those gutters from any fall debris, and run a hose through the system to check for any issues in your drainage pipes.  Also make sure to have someone come look at your home if it is older to make sure that it can handle the weight of the snow and ice - particularly if you live in a colder environment.

Number Four: Trees, Leaves, and Compost

While walking around and taking a look at your gutters and roof, keep an eye out for any low-hanging tree branches that might become overloaded by the snow and fall on your home, or a neighbors.  Have a contractor come out to take care of any that you do find. When mowing the lawn during the fall, get a bag for your leaves on your mower.  These can be used as a great composter that you can use in any kind of garden or fertilizer come spring.

Number Five: Garden to Glory

If you have a garden, or want to have one come up in the spring, the winter is a great time to make those needed repairs or updates.  Trim any dead branches and prune out older plants in your garden so they don’t harbor diseases or insect larva from the past growing season.  Starting fresh in the spring will make your garden even better, so don’t skimp on pulling stuff up. Make sure to cover your bed with a thick layer of mulch to make sure the temperatures for trees or any spring bulbs stays more constant.  Fix your beds, and add fertilizer to the soil to make your spring planting even easier!

There are plenty of things to get done around the house as the temperatures get cooler, but when winter hits, you will be happy that you’ve taken care of any issues before they pop up!

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