Freshen the Air in 10 Wonderful Ways

Between pets, a smelly trash can, and embarrassing bathroom odors, we all have the need for air fresheners every once in a while. But some don’t do anything and others make your house smell like a chemical warfare bunker. Don’t worry, you don’t have suffer an intoxicating afternoon smelling the dozens of options on the store shelf. I’ve infiltrated the internet’s keen sense of smell to bring you 10 air fresheners that won’t leave you wishing you’d opened the windows.

Without further ado, they are:

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 2-Ounce Bottle, Original Citrus Scent (List Price: $7.66)

Don’t let the whimsical name fool you, this air freshener packs a punch and in all the best ways. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray doesn’t mask scents, it stops them from happening. By using a combination of essential oils and other natural ingredients, Poo-Pourri creates what WiseBread describes as a protective barrier on the water’s surface, blocking odor from what lies beneath. Simply spray inside the bowl. Go. And walk away with no one the wiser. It’s simple and easy to use. Put it in your purse for office emergencies or give one to your teenage son as a not-so-subtle hint. Poo-Pourri products have been featured in Maxim, Allure, and on

Your bathroom habits are a personal matter, keep them private with Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Original Citrus Scent.

(Information source Poo-Pourri)


Air Wick Scented Oil Air Freshener (List Price: $8.59 - 2 pack)

Oil-based air fresheners are all the rage and for good reason. Not only do they last for 30 to 45 days, but you can swap scents month to month or move the plug into another room. Air Wick’s Scented Oil Air Freshener is a top pick of for its reliability and long-lingering fragrance. And with scents like Papaya & Hibiscus flower and Sugar Cookies, you can always find a way to make your house smell great no matter your mood. WiseBread calls the three pack, which lasts nearly five months on the lowest release setting, an incredible value. notes that the Lavender and Chamomile scent is exotic and woodsy and easily one of the most popular freshener product on the market.

If you like the idea of using a product made with essential oils, the Air Wick Scented oil Freshener is for you.

(Information source AirWick)


Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener (List Price: $12.99)

If you’re too technologically connected to free up a plug for an air freshener, consider Air Wick’s automatic sprayer. When used on low, this portable device fills the room with fresh scents and knocks odors out of the way for up to 60 days. notes that Air Wick’s fragrances are subtle, which is a good thing when you don’t want to be obvious about your cover up. If you have kids, says the sprayer is durable, so it can stand up to a few stray Nerf bullets now and then. Use one in each room to automatically upgrade the atmosphere -- I love the Ocean Breeze in the bathroom and Sugar Cookies in the garage. Air Wick offers a nice array of scents so you can swap when you want or stick to your tried and true.

Air Wick Freshmatic is ideal when you want to add a subtle touch of style and scent but can’t free up a plug for an oil warmer.

(Information Source Air Wick)


Glade Solid Air Freshener, Honeysuckle Nectar, 6.0 Ounce (List Price: $1.62)

Do you remember when you were a kid finding fresh honeysuckles and sucking the nectar straight out of the bottom of the flower? If you don’t, I’m sorry, you obviously had a deprived childhood. But for the rest of us, we can relive those days with Glade Solid Air Freshener in Honeysuckle Nectar. This no-frills air freshener is hidden inside an attractive and adjustable cone and can be used anywhere for about a month of continued freshness. says the environmentally friendly air freshener allows you to release just the right amount of fragrance when and where you want it.

Glade Solid air fresheners are an exceptional budget-friendly option that offers the same level of fragrance as much more expensive designer product (but please don’t eat them!).

(Information Source Glade and Amazon)


Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener (List Price: $23.99/case of 12)

If you want to get rid of odor entirely, reports that Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener can do the job. It’s not hard to see why. Renuzit cone air fresheners are made with a 98% biodegradable gel and can kick stench to the curb for 30 days. And while Renuzit isn’t it as widely known as Glade or Air Wick, it’s part of the Dial Corporation and is backed by decades of experience in the home fragrance arena. These little cones are effective where odors are most noticeable – including by that laundry pile that seems to keep getting bigger.

Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener isn’t going to make your house any the cleaner but it will clean the odors from the air and that’s almost just as good.

(Information Source Amazon and Renuzit)


Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener (List Price: $11.50/2-pack)

Even microwaved salmon doesn’t stand a chance of smelling up a room when you have Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener on your side. This fine mist permeates the air with a fresh scent that doesn’t offend the senses and actually eliminates odors using science that we mere mortals don’t understand. says Frebreze’s pleasing scents prevent odors from coming back. Most importantly, as points out, Febreze is jammed in the can using 100% natural propellants. With Febreze Air Effects, even the most extreme bathroom visit can be discreet.

Use Febreze Air Effects anywhere odor might cause embarrassment or you just need a subtle way to enhance the ambiance of the room.

(Information Source Amazon)


Febreze Unstopables FRESH Fabric Refresher (1 Count, 16.9 Oz) (List Price: $25.83)

You know Febreze products excel at eliminating odor in the air; Unstopables spray takes this a step further by killing foul smells on fabric for up to seven days. We’re looking at you, Dog Owner Who Swore Tank Was Banned From The Sofa But Gave In When He Cried At Your Feet. No matter how bad your couch, bed, or even curtains smell, Febreze Unstopables delivers a clean scent that might make you forget you even have pets (or kids). goes as far as to claim this handy spray infuses your fabrics with a fresh-from-the-laundry scent. And that’s a surprisingly accurate statement.

Buy this air freshener if you have fabric furniture, lots of rugs, or just don’t want to wash your sheets for a few extra days.

(Information Source Amazon)


Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener Starter Kit, Hawaiian Breeze (6.2 oz) (List Price: $9.97)

Let’s get this out of the way right now: Hawaiian Breeze is like a 60 day vacation packed in an automatic (and stylish) dispenser. If you’ve been looking for a way to remember your honeymoon or pre-kid vacations, this is it. Every 36 minutes, your room will get a light misting of clean, floral, and fruity fragrance. And if the situation calls for a boost of freshness, you can hit the button for an added shot of sensational scent. Top Guide Pro likes this air freshener not just for its alluring aroma, but also for the decorative design that will “complement the look of any room…”

When you want an easy-to-use unit that will keep a steady stream of pleasant air wafting through the room, the Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener Starter Kit in Hawaiian Breeze is your best bet.

(Information Source Amazon)


Febreze Air Freshener, Noticeables Air Freshener (2 Count) (List Price: $17.99)

90 days. That’s a long time to not have to buy a replacement cartridge for your plug-in. But this 2-count makes that a reality. Plus, it has the freshness of Gain, so there’s that! The experts at notes that Noticeables is unique because it alternates scents. Why? A little thing called olfactory adaptation – it’s why you can’t smell your dog but everyone else can attest that Poochie needs a bath, like yesterday. It’s science. It’s also noticeably fresh, according to Top Product Finder.

If you like freshness but worry about “getting used” to your new air freshener, Febreze Noticeables is a super affordable option.


Air Wick Scented Oil 5 Refill, Fresh Waters, 3.38 Fl Oz (List Price: $9.69)

Natural essential oils. Check. Adjustable. Check. Easy to use. Check. There’s a lot to love about Air Wick’s plug in air freshener units. The top five are found inside this Fresh Waters multipack, which Top Guide Pro denotes as “very affordable.” And affordable it is. Air Wick’s scents have been described as diffused and carefully blended, which is spot on and a thoughtful combination at this price point. Fresh Waters is ideal for the bathroom or laundry room. While doesn’t really work in the kitchen or dining room, Fresh Waters will enhance anywhere you’d find linens or want a clean, crisp feel.

This 5-pack refill will last for about seven months so it’s a great option if you hate to shop and want to get the most out of your air cleaning dollar.

(Information Source Air Wick and Amazon)


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