Scrub Daddy Original, 2-Sponges

If you’re happy and you know it grab a sponge! Ok, even if you’re not happy now, you will be after using the Scrub Daddy. Its perpetually smiling face and unique texture cut clean through pretty much anything you throw at it. Dry, this always-happy, real-life emoji is stiff as a board. Exposed to warm water, however, it softens up (like all daddies do). Cool water makes it harden up for scrubbing, according to Don’t let his changing personality fool you, this guy is as reliable as they come. tested the Scrub Daddy and found this happy little guy more than capable. From personal experience, we can tell you this sponge stands out and even makes the kids excited about doing dishes. Scrub Daddy is known for its appearance on Shark Tank; buy this if you want versatility and reliability in an attractive, fun, and effective package.

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