MR. SIGA Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge, 24 Count

Size:11 x 7 x 3cm, 4.3" x 2.8" x 1.2" Last but certainly not least is this massive multipack of heavy duty scrub sponges from MR. SIGA. Ideal for home or office use, the sponges remind us of the more expensive Scotch-Brite heavy-duty sponges but without the heavy-duty price tag. They are a remarkable value even if they don’t last quite as long as others. At more than an inch thick, they feel substantial and can certainly power through a day’s worth of dishes with ease. notes that the MR. SIGA bulk pack saves time since you are not constantly running to the store for new sponges. MR. SIGA may not be a household name but offers a product that works for households of all sizes; the handy 24 pack is affordable at less than $.50 per sponge.

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