Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power Home Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner, 4 Count Box

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works like magic to eliminate tough stains throughout the home. What sets this modern scrub sponge apart is that it’s activated by water and requires no cleaner to scrub off everything from scuff marks on the floor to marker on hard surfaces. Is it a dish cleaner, a bathtub cleaner, a light switch cleaner, or a counter cleaner? The answer is that it’s all of these things and more. explains that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made out of melamine sponge, which is safe to use on most surfaces. This type of material works like extremely fine sandpaper but is much less abrasive and, with proper use, will last for weeks. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a great buy if you have kids, pets, or simply don’t like having to use harsh chemicals on every surface to get things clean.

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