Febreze Unstopables FRESH Fabric Refresher (1 Count, 16.9 Oz)

You know Febreze products excel at eliminating odor in the air; Unstopables spray takes this a step further by killing foul smells on fabric for up to seven days. We’re looking at you, Dog Owner Who Swore Tank Was Banned From The Sofa But Gave In When He Cried At Your Feet. No matter how bad your couch, bed, or even curtains smell, Febreze Unstopables delivers a clean scent that might make you forget you even have pets (or kids). TopProductFinder.com goes as far as to claim this handy spray infuses your fabrics with a fresh-from-the-laundry scent. And that’s a surprisingly accurate statement. Buy this air freshener if you have fabric furniture, lots of rugs, or just don’t want to wash your sheets for a few extra days.

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