Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip (SD20005RED)

With a 16-foot cord and innovative bagless design, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion is ready and able to tackle your worst messes, including sand, dirt, and pet hair. Use it in the house or use it in the car, the Dirt Devil is easy to carry and features an adjustable crevice tool, shoulder strap, and dusting brush for ground-in grime. VaccumTop.com says this handheld vac is great when you need to clean a mess quickly. The Dirt Devil Scorpion tops several consumer choice lists of portable dirtbusters and ranked right up there with more expensive models on GroomAndStyle.com and HousewifeBliss.com. At less than 4 pounds, the dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion makes light work out of tough jobs. The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion is an effective, no-frills handheld vacuum that won’t suck your budget dry.

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