11 Handheld Vacuums that Do More than Bust the Dust

The handheld vacuum has been around since the 1960s when Black + Decker partnered with NASA to create a portable cleaning device for the Apollo moon landings. It wasn’t until 1979, however, that this ingenious invention was introduced to consumers. Soon,”dustbuster” became a household name and more than 100 million homes adopted their very own convenience cleaning machine. These portable devices were a revolution and made housework much easier, since messes don’t always happen in convenient places. Handheld vacs can be used on the stairs, in the car, behind large pieces of furniture, and anywhere an upright simply can’t go.

With so many varieties available today, it can be hard to figure out which models are a whirlwind of reliability and which suck in the wrong kind of way. We’ve studied the facts and figures, done our own testing, and come up with a list of the best dustbusters for home and personal use.

Now that the dust has settled, here are our top 11 picks:

Black + Decker CHV1410L Handheld Vacuum (List Price: $44.99)

This sleek and stylish handheld vacuum is powered by a 16V lithium battery to provide strong suction that doesn’t fade and can hold a charge for 18 months of non-use. A translucent dirt bowl makes it easy to know when it’s time to empty. Lightweight and portable, the Black + Decker CHV1410L handheld vacuum won’t wear you down when you’re moving from room to room. Smart Charge Technology means this handy handheld uses up to half the energy as comparable competitor models. VacuumTop.com cites cyclonic action as a reason this vacuum comes out on top. The Black + Decker CHV1410L is one of the most talked about and reviewed handheld vacs and has been featured on TheWireCutter.com, GroomAndStyle.com, and HousewifeBliss.com.

Choose the Black + Decker CHV1410L when you want an always-ready piece of equipment that can handle everything from dust to dog food.

(Information source Amazon)


Black + Decker Pivot (List Price: $64.99)

The Black + Decker Pivot PDH2000PL offers plenty of power from its 20V battery for what TopTenReviews.com calls “impressive suction” on most common household surfaces. As HousewifeBliss.com points out, this slightly-more expensive handheld comes with a three-stage filtration system that makes it easy to go from couch to car and back without worrying that you’re leaving behind airborne dust and debris. A built-in crevice tool means you can get into all the places where cracker crumbs and dog hair like to hide. Like its little brother in the #1 spot, the Pivot features a see-through dust bowl that can be removed and washed when the job is done. A pivoting head means you can vacuum hard-to-reach areas, such as bookcases or behind the TV. As featured on BestDustbusters.com, the Black + Decker Pivot has successfully satisfied consumers around the world.

The Black + Decker Pivot is a bit more expensive than other handheld vacuums but can be angled for use in high, difficult-to-reach spaces; ideal for heavy cleaning jobs.

(Information source Amazon)


Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Handheld Vacuum (List Price: $109)

TheWireCutter.com chose the Black + Decker MAX Flex vacuum as one of the top 3 vacuums for 2017 and for good reason. This ultra-compact machine makes quick work of your toughest messes, including pet hair and (everyone’s bane) glitter. A convenient extension hose lets you tackle cleaning projects from floor to ceiling while a rechargeable 20V Max battery means you won’t have to stop until the job is done. GroomAndStyle.com liked the Flex’s assortment of accessories. We love its fast charging times because, let’s face it, no one likes to wait, especially to clean. ConsumerSearch.com cites storability as a reason to consider this heavy-duty machine, which fits nicely in a cabinet or on a shelf.

At $129, the Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH isn’t a cheap handheld vacuum but each of those dollars reflects its power and functionality; this is the vac for you if you have kids and pets but don’t want to live like it.

(Information source Amazon)


Hoover Air 20 Volt Lithium Cordless Handheld Vacuum (BH52160PC) (List Price: $69.95)

Hoover is a name long associated with quality home cleaning products. And the Hoover Air 20 cordless handheld vacuum backs up the company’s reputation for quality. It powers through everything from wayward M&Ms to dog hair that’s been piling up in the corner for weeks. With three channels of suction and an interchangeable battery system, it’s one of the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. BestDustbusters.com likes the reusable filter while DustbusterReviews.com cited this lightweight vac’s ability to go from hardwood to carpet as a reason it ranks as a top product for this year. Like many of the dustbusters on the list, the Hoover features a no-loss-of-suction guarantee and utilizes Hoover’s exclusive WindTunnel 2 Technology.

The Hoover is smaller than many handheld bagless vacuums in its price range, but it’s just as powerful and is a great choice if you want style and functionality.

(Information source Amazon and Hoover)


Eureka Easy Clean (List Price: $45.23)

If you find yourself constantly having to clean stairs or upholstery, the Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac is the answer to your cleaning prayers. An exclusive Riser Visor means this multi-functional handheld can clean vertically or horizontally. An impressive 20-foot cord will allow you to reach the furthest expanses of even a large room before bundling conveniently inside the machine. TopTenReviews.com notes the Eureka is the fastest handheld vacuum they tested and it’s not hard to see why. With 5.5 amps of power and two motors, the Easy Clean was competent at picking up pretty much everything, including dog hair, which is what impressed GroomAndStyle.com the most. Eureka’s powerful handheld vac was recently featured on BestConsumerReviews.com and made their list of top products in part because of an easy-to-clean and clear bagless debris bowl.

Don’t let the cord fool you, the Eureka Easy Clean offers convenience on top of power; it’s a smart choice if you have a large area to clean, such as a sectional sofa or loft.

(Information Source Eureka and Amazon)


Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip (SD20005RED) (List Price: $26.99)

With a 16-foot cord and innovative bagless design, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion is ready and able to tackle your worst messes, including sand, dirt, and pet hair. Use it in the house or use it in the car, the Dirt Devil is easy to carry and features an adjustable crevice tool, shoulder strap, and dusting brush for ground-in grime. VaccumTop.com says this handheld vac is great when you need to clean a mess quickly. The Dirt Devil Scorpion tops several consumer choice lists of portable dirtbusters and ranked right up there with more expensive models on GroomAndStyle.com and HousewifeBliss.com. At less than 4 pounds, the dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion makes light work out of tough jobs.

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion is an effective, no-frills handheld vacuum that won’t suck your budget dry.

(Information Source Dirt Devil)


Dyson V7 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (List Price: $179.96)

The name Dyson triggers instant thoughts of never-ending suction, or at least it should. Dyson vacs have long been known as the best of the best. And the Dyson V7 Trigger is no exception. An astounding 100 amps of power and 15 cyclones of suction work together to obliterate dust and debris from your hard and soft surfaces. Dyson’s unique design puts the unit’s center of gravity in the just the right spot so that this vac is comfortable to use for extended periods. BestDustbusters.com reports the Dyson cleans 3x faster than other handhelds while GroomAndStyle.com was impressed by its powerful 2-tier cyclone collection system. HousewifeBliss.com tried the Dyson on car seats and couches and everything in between and found no issues sucking up the dust and dirt.

The Dyson V7 Trigger is an exceptionally built product and is backed by the company’s unrivaled reputation for performance; a great buy for daily use.

(Information source Amazon)


Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster (List Price: $75.47)

Black + Decker has reinvented its iconic Dustbuster with this modernized version of the original. First released in 2015, the CHV1510 features a rotating nozzle and extended reach that helps you target dirt in the tightest spaces. Super cyclonic action and a three stage filtration system means you can suck up even minute particles without throwing them back in the air. DustbusterReviews.com and BestConsumerReviews.com have each named the CHV1510 as a top handheld vacuum cleaner and it’s easy to understand why. This lightweight and portable Black + Decker is versatile and powerful enough to pick up everything life throws at it. For convenience, this cordless, medium-duty tool boast a massive 20.6-oz. capacity dirt collection cup and convenient wall-mounted charger.

The CHV1510 is backed by Black + Decker’s two-year warranty and has nearly 40 years of innovation up its sleeve.

(Information Source Black + Decker)


Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V (List Price: $56.46)

Black + Decker’s 18V Pivot boasts a patented pivoted head that helps you clean above and below. It’s high-performance motor and cyclonic action quickly remove stubborn dust and debris. Like other Black & Decker handhelds, the pivot offers three stage filtration and a pleated filter design, which improves air exhaust and reduces clogs. Featured on BestDustbusters.com and BestConsumerReviews.com, the Pivot was noted for its two cleaning modes and high-performance suction respectively. The Pivot 1810CB holds up to 42% more debris than the original Pivot Vac and offers the convenience of side-door debris removal.

At 4.5 pounds, the Black + Decker Pivot 1810CB feels substantial without weighing you down; it’s a great handheld vacuum if you have kids or pets.

Information Source Black + Decker)


Shark Pet Perfect II (List Price: $69.98)

Pet hair is no match for the Shark Pet Perfect II which features 35% more suction than the smaller SV40. A washable filter and rechargeable 18V battery mean you’ll save time and money by replacing your outdated handheld with the Pet Perfect II. One feature that stands out to TopTenReviews.com was the small charging station that doubles as an accessory holder. ConsumerSearch.com notes that the Pet Perfect II is an excellent tool for bare floors and is powerful enough to get around the edges. This deep-cleaning hand vac is fully equipped for your home, boat, car, and SUV and includes a versatile crevice tool for difficult jobs and dirt that has piled up in the corner. It’s light enough that even the kids can use it.

The Shark Pet Perfect II doesn’t leave anything to chance and combines versatility and deep cleaning with a powerful motor.

(Information Source Shark)


Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum (List Price: $133.59)

With nearly a full set of stars on Bissell’s website, the 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum is one of the most reviewed products on the list. It offers convenient cordless operation along with an assortment of tools and attachments that will help you clean everything from coffee grinds to pet hair. Bissell adds the convenience of dual LED lights on this high-end model, meaning you can see to clean even dark spaces, such as under the recliner. A 22V lithium ion battery made this a top choice of GroomAndStyle.com. At this price point, you’d expect exclusive features, and, as BestDustbusters.com reports, the Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum delivers.

The Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum is not a budget vacuum but one you can expect to work in the car and at home with no muss and no fuss.

(Information Source Bissell)


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